久石譲プレゼンツ ミュージック・フューチャー Vol.5

Young Composer's Competition Part2Young Composer's Competition Part2

What is music future?What is music future?

MUSIC FUTURE is the concert series started 2014 produced by Joe Hisaishi introducing the most remarkable music nowadays.To try to change the abstract image of modern music, Joe Hisaishi selects the music not only the minimal music or the post classical music, but also the music that has a strong communication pipe with the audience for the future.

Outline for applicationOutline for application

call for entries

The piece should be attractive with fresh image, and it is possible to perform with real musicians.
Not only the minimal music style, but also challenging pieces are most welcomed.
Moreover, it is expected to have a good connection with the audience.


The piece must for an ensemble bigger than trio.
*no conductor, group of three to ten performers are recommended.
*please refer to “instrumentation chart” below
*no use of amplifier or any electrical instruments or recorded materials
*performance of any destroy or demolish instruments are prohibited.

duration of the piece

7 (seven) to 10 (ten) minutes

Fee for application



We welcome any nationality, any gender under 35 years old.


①Application form *fill in the blanks
>>Download the Application Form

②A copy of full score
*please state the name of the piece and instrumentation only (NO your name necessary)
*the score must be clear to read made by computer software or your hand writing. The score is not refundable.
*smaller than A3 size and do not fold the score with scotch tapes
*the length of the piece and the tempo (by metronome) must be indicated clearly
*remark the rehearsal number (or alphabet), measure number and indicate the page number at the bottom of each page.

③Demonstration CD by MIDI, etc.

④Your music notes about the piece in Japanese

Notice on preparation of all application

*The piece you submit must be your original, new (unreleased) and not published yet.
*We do not accept the piece that has already submitted to other organization.
*All materials are not refundable.
*If you are selected, you need to attend all rehearsals.
*You cannot withdraw from the competition after you are selected.
*The Organizer makes all the parts and possess them after the concert.

Deadline for application

All materials must arrive by August 31, 2018.

Copy rights

All copy rights of the piece belong to the composer.
However, the contract of performance permission between the composer and the organizer
will be made before the concert day of .


>> Outline for application(English)

About judgeAbout judge


Joe Hisaishi, and others to be announced.

How to judge

Juries will choose only one composition from the scores with recordings that
shows only entry numbers are indicated.

Announcement of results

October, 2018 and the composition will be performed in MUSIC FUTURE VOL.5 in November, 2018.


JP 150,000 yen
Invitation to the MUSIC FUTURE VOL.5 concert

Contact informationContact information

Management Office

Young Composer’s Competition Management Office c/o Wonder City Inc.
202 Nishiazabu-house, 4-20-3 Nishiazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 106-0031 Japan


【instrument chart】

1 flute
1 oboe
1 clarinet
1 bassoon
Piano 1

*you are welcome to use these instruments as soloists.
*please ask admission office regarding auxiliary instruments.